Starter Kit Testimonials

"I felt the content was expertly organized and presented in a clear, logical format that really condensed the wide breadth of global health concepts into digestible principles. In class, Dr. Seymour did a great job of keeping discussion respectful, but open to any arguments and differing perspectives. Instead of being overwhelmed by details, I feel I am leaving the course with core ideas I can apply to any practice, and a great resource to refer back to." 

-Ornela Xhori DMD2021

"Our Global and Public Health course is the exemplar of how learning should be done. First, the course offered a detailed study guide/learning objectives sheet which created a scaffold of what we were about to learn. What I found helpful over most of the study guides is at the end of the document there was a list of learning metrics that had answers to the objectives. We were able to use these metrics to test if we learned what was expected from the module. Next, we watched polished video lectures that not only taught us the concepts outlined in the study guide, but also engaged the viewers with thought-provoking questions throughout the video which created additional “hooks” for our memory to latch on to. Moreover, there were streamlined readings to further enhance our learning. The preparation work mentioned above was an effective way to learn the concepts taught; however, the deep understanding and cementation of concepts was accomplished through our interactive class sessions. I believe flipped classroom, when well-designed in both prep work and class application, encourages long-term learning over short-term memorization because it forces you to apply what you have learned, exposes any gaps in your understanding, and allows you to learn from your other classmates’ thoughts. Moreover, flipped classroom is just more fun; learning doesn’t have to be the traditional “sit and absorb” classroom. I strongly believe that these methods used in the Global and Public Health course should be applied to all classes." 

-Preston Powers DMD2021