Academic Support

Office of Advising Resources

Located in the Harvard Medical School, the Office of Advising Resources assists Harvard medical and dental students with difficulties they may be experiencing in their academic and/or clinical performance.

Academic Societies

The Academic Societies serve to support a 230-year tradition of fostering and enhancing the interaction between students and faculty. All DMD and MD students at HSDM and HMS are members of one of four Academic Societies and remain a member of their society throughout the duration of their HSDM/HMS experience.  Students are assigned randomly to the remaining four societies and pursue a common curriculum.

The Academic Societies are educational social units that serve as the organizational framework for each student’s experience in general medical education. The Societies monitor the academic progress and professional growth of each individual student; serve as the School’s advising and mentoring system; and nurture social interchange and contact between students and faculty. 

The Harvard Guide to Using Sources

The Harvard Guide to Using Sources, a publication of the Harvard College Writing Program that outlines the fundamentals of using sources in academic papers. Although this resource was designed for undergraduates at Harvard College, it provides helpful and important information for students at all levels who are engaged in scholarly writing. Also see:

Faculty Resources on Integrity in Science

  • Authorship and Attribution
  • Guidelines for Investigators

For more specific questions pertaining to your research project at HSDM, please contact the Office of Research at HSDM.