Policies, Handbooks, Manuals


Please refer to the 2019-2020 Student Handbook for important information on the DMD and Advanced Graduate Education programs, School and University policies, student life, and much more. In the handbook you'll find information on:

    • Policies Related To Attendance At HSDM
    • Registration
    • Course Attendance Policy
    • Summary of Excused Absences
    • Summary of Unexcused Absences
    • Protocol for Unscheduled Absences 
    • Protocol for Scheduled Absences 
    • Absences for Scheduled Conferences 
    • Consequences of Noncompliance with Attendance Policy 
    • Employment
    • Religious Holidays 
    • Vacation Policy for DMD Students
    • Vacation Policy for Advanced Graduate Education Students
    • Requests For Travel Funding
    • Student Rights And Responsibilities

Please refer to the following Research Guidebooks for student research requirements:

DMD Guidebook 2019-20

AGE MMSc Guidebook 2019-20

AGE DMSc Guidebook 2019-20