Advanced Graduate Education Programs

The Advanced Graduate Education (AGE) programs at Harvard School of Dental Medicine lead to a master of medical sciences (MMSc) or doctor of medical sciences (DMSc) degree, as well as a certificate in a specialty field. The School considers a research experience an integral component of learning and preparation for a career in the field. The exploration of research at Harvard permits students to participate in a world-class environment that sets the standard for basic discoveries, clinical application, and research training in dental medicine. A project and thesis are required for both the MMSc and DMSc degrees.

Degree Information

Please click here to learn more about the requirements for the MMSc and DMSc degrees in Oral Biology and Dental Education.

Additional information regarding MMSc and DMSc research requirements can be found here.

Please refer to the webpages listed below for information about specific programs. If you are interesting in applying go to AGE Admissions or contact us by email or by phone 617-432-1443 for more information.