Research Overview

MicroscopeOur basic science research programs leverage the School's scientific strengths, focusing on the areas of skeletal biology and the pathology of bones, joints, vascular and connective tissues. HSDM’s long-term goal is to be at the forefront of research into the cause and cure for diseases of bone and craniofacial soft tissues. Read more.

Research Laboratories

LabOur basic science laboratories are led by key scientists who complement each other, as well as drive the research strategy of HSDM. Read more.

Clinical Researchers

Lab coatOur clinical researchers focus on a wide range of topics that have great impact in dental clinical practice, such as studying color science in dentistry, looking at disease prevention, and exploring new methods in oral implantology. Read more.

Health Services Research

Health ResearchThe health services research conducted at HSDM focuses on creating national models for integrated, inter-professional care in clinical practice that incorporates oral health in overall health. Read more.

Research Bulletins

Research BulletinThe Office of Research regularly publishes the HSDM Research Bulletin, which includes the latest news on HSDM research projects, awards, publications, and more. Read more.

Research Guidebooks

research guidesFind guidebooks from the Office of Research with policies, deadlines, and information for DMD, MMSc and DMSc programs. Read more.