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The Harvard School of Dental Medicine's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program offers educational experiences for oral health care professionals and colleagues in other health professions. Led by expert clinicians, scientists and educators, our interdisciplinary portfolio of courses includes topics in clinical dentistry and oral health education, basic and translational science, global and community health, and policy and leadership. Our CPE promotes diversity and inclusion through its faculty and a curriculum that addresses worldwide oral and systemic healthcare issues.

Our Goals:

To deliver evidence-based clinically relevant educational experiences for oral health professionals focusing on global health care needs, and to foster inquiry and excellence in education, research and patient care.

To enhance learner competence and to advance performance leading to improved oral and systemic health.

To provide scholarly conversations that translate to improved health and to expand scientific and clinical knowledge. 

To foster a culture of mutual respect and inclusion through the promotion of diverse perspectives, experiences and beliefs. 

Our Committment:

Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) is committed to providing scientifically and clinically relevant continuing education courses for dental professionals seeking to review, enhance and expand their scientific and clinical knowledge.  We offer high-quality custom and open-enrollment continuing education programs regionally, nationally, and internationally throughout the year. In 2019 over 500 participants from all over the world came to HSDM to expand their competency and knowledge in dentistry. HSDM also hosts international continuing education courses in Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Venice to provide invaluable insights on topics that are of significant importance to those regions.

In 2020, we created an online series of webinars, CPE Today, offered free of charge, and in direct response to helping dentists and healthcare professionals navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 2,700 participants from 40+ countries participated in this programming. As we moved our for-credit continuing education courses online, 500 participants from all over the world participated in our courses.   

We strive to provide lifelong learning experiences for all dental professionals by providing courses with relevant and timely topics taught by HSDM faculty from various academic departments and specialties. Please see our calendar of upcoming courses. For additional information on course offerings, please contact Dr. David M. Kim, Director of Continuing Professional Education.

Continuing Professional Education Updates

HSDM’s Division of Periodontology International CPE Highlights

From January 13-15, 2020, more than 30 dentists from India and Cambodia came to the Harvard School of Dental Medicine to participate in a continuing professional education course entitled, Advanced Education in Implant Dentistry.For three days, lectures were given by faculty members from the Division of Periodontology coupled with the opportunity to visit two different specialty practices, run by HSDM faculty members. In a private practice setting, participants learned about advanced topics, such as treatment solutions for both partially and fully edentulous patients. In October 2019, the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Division of Periodontology hosted their international continuing professional education course in Tokyo, Japan, with attendees spanning the globe from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. These 53 participants had the opportunity to hear presentations on building solid foundation for multidisciplinary therapy, implant therapy and complication management in multidisciplinary therapy, in a course entitled, Innovative and Effective Team Collaboration in Multidisciplinary Therapy.  The HSDM faculty team was led by Dr. David M. Kim, Director of Continuing Professional Education, and Drs. John Da Silva, Shigemi Nagai, Jerry Lin, Yong-Han Koo, Miguel Vidal, John Chang, and Nobuyuki Kuribayashi.