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Welcome to the Global Health Starter Kit, a competency-based global health ‘starter’ curriculum designed for dental educators and students. This curriculum is free and available for anyone to use and is organized into two versions. The first version contains materials for educators and teachers, and the second version contains materials for students and self-guided learning. This Starter Kit consists of five modules: 1) Global Trends, 2) Global Goals, 3) Back to Basics- Primary Care, 4) Social Determinants and Risks, and 5) Ethics and Sustainability. Please enjoy the video below to learn more about the Global Health Starter Kit. Thank you for your interest and enjoy!

Introduction to the Global Health Starter Kit

Welcome to the Global Health Starter Kit, a project led by Dr. Brittany Seymour and the Global Oral Health Interest Group of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH). CUGH is comprised of approximately 145 academic institutions and other organizations from around the world engaged in addressing global health challenges through education, research, service, and advocacy. In 2013, the first interest group formed within CUGH, the Global Oral Health Interest Group (GOHIG), comprised of health professionals from a variety of disciplines. In response to the Lancet Commission on Education of Health Professionals for the 21st century calling for transformative learning in health professional education, GOHIG developed an interdisciplinary Competency Matrix for Global Oral Health, which was published in the Journal of Dental Education in 2015. Following a workshop GOHIG members led at the annual American Dental Education Association meeting in 2016, GOHIG published a successive article that outlines competency-based global health education specifically for dental students. Building from these successes, GOHIG is taking the next steps toward consensus building and best practices for global health in dental education. The Global Health Starter Kit aims to provide practical support specifically for dental educators who are working toward unified competency-based standards and equipping the future generation of dental professionals with “starting” tools to address the tremendous burden of oral diseases worldwide and their consequences.

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You may use and adapt the materials available with the Global Health Starter Kit to meet your specific needs. We just ask that you reference and and credit the project when doing so.

Additional Materials

For your reference, we have included information about the authors and editors of this project, as well as a course syllabus and FAQ.

Please note: Links to references are provided in the module guides whenever available; otherwise, an individual or institutional subscription may be required; due to copywrite issues, we are unable to directly provide these references on our website.

The Global Health Starter Kit Around the World



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Suggested Project Citation

Toward Competency-Based Best Practices for Global Health in Dental Education: A Global Health Starter Kit. Edited by Seymour B., Cho J., and Barrow J. A project of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health Global Oral Health Interest Group; 2018. Available at:


We wish to acknowledge the following for their support of this project:

  • Consortium of Universities for Global Health Dr. Thomas Hall Global Health Education Grant 
  • The International College of Dentists USA Section Foundation

  • The CUGH Global Oral Health Interest Group for the Global Oral Health Competency Matrix and for their peer review and edits of the Starter Kit

  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine Office of Global and Community Health, Office of Communications, and Department of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology

  • Julia King at the Longwood Video Studio Production Partnership

  • Chester Kozikowski and the HSDM Office of Dental Education
Global Health Starter Kit