Global Health

boy with toothbrushDental disease is the most prevalent condition worldwide, and developing health systems are evolving to meet the oral health needs of their populations through infrastructural changes and workforce development.

HSDM faculty and students in the Office of Global and Community Health have collaborated with organizations and governments worldwide to reduce the global burden of dental disease. Recent projects have taken members of the HSDM community to Ecuador, Haiti, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Kuwait, Rwanda, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries, and led to increased teaching resources for global health within Harvard.


Related Projects

Human Resources for Health Program Rwanda 

Initiative for Ethical Review and Oversight of Health Research Involving Human Subjects in Rwanda

Current and Past International Projects

Historic Global Health Efforts

HSDM China Delegation

In the 1980s, Walter Guralnick, DMD41 led a group of HSDM dentists and oral surgeons on a teaching tour of China, becoming the first delegation of American dentists invited under new exchange programs. Learn more about the historic delegation and the impact of this collaboration in an interview with Dr. Walter Guralnick.