Kota Laboratory

Epigenetic gene regulation plays crucial and indispensable roles by control of spatiotemporal gene expression essential for progenitor cell self-renewal, differentiation, key processes for patterning and morphogenesis during organismal development and their misregulation in disease. Research in Kota Lab is focused on elucidation of epigenetic players and their targets in progenitor cells during embryonic and postnatal development using ES cells, primary cultures of progenitor cells and mouse models.

Current Projects
Currently, we are investigating, 1) role of epigenetic regulators in stem/progenitor cell differentiation towards osteogenic lineage during skeletal development, 2) transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms underlying allelic gene expression in embryonic and adult progenitor cells 3) novel physiological roles of salivary gland proteins.

Our lab efforts are ultimately directed to better outcomes of skeletal diseases by identification and therapeutically targeting epigenome and positively influencing stem cell differentiation in a conditional and selective manner.

Join the Kota Lab
We are actively looking for potential postdocs, research assistants and self-funded visiting scholars to join the team. If you are interested please email a CV and a cover letter.