Satya Keerthi Kota

Dr. Satya Keerthi Kota

Instructor in Oral Medicine, Infection, and Immunity
Satya Kota


Dr. Satya Keerthi Kota received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in India. He then completed his postdoctoral research at IGMM in France and at HSDM. Dr. Kota was a recipient of junior and senior research fellowships during his Ph.D. from CSIR, India. His current research is funded by NIH scientist career development and research project (R01) grant programs.

His research interests include: 1) the role of epigenetic regulators in stem/progenitor cell differentiation towards osteogenic lineage during skeletal development and 2) proteins and pathways that influence kidney development and play a role in injury repair. A long-term goal of Dr. Kota’s research is to gain deeper understanding of transcriptional and post-transcriptional allelic gene regulatory mechanisms underlying stemness of embryonic and adult progenitor cells.


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