Education / Credentials Verification

Credentialing turnaround is 5 - 7 business days

You may use one of the forms below to request a transcript, graduation verification letter, have deferment/licensing forms completed, or get verification of dates of enrollment or degree conferral. 

Choose the form that best describes YOUR affiliation with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine:

Completed request forms (and additional documentation) should then be submitted via ONE of the delivery methods below:

Important Information- Please Read Carefully:

  1. Requests are generally processed 5-7 business days after being received by Registrar Services; however, during certain times of year (commencement, orientation, etc.) and for more complex requests, processing times may increase up to 10-15 business days.

  2. Repeatedly submitting the same request, sending the request to different departments, and/or not allowing enough processing time will cause delays.

  3. We do not use the National Student Clearinghouse for credentials verification; all credentialing requests are processed by Registrar Services.

  4. Requests must be made using one of the request forms above; incomplete forms and/or missing information will cause processing delays.

  5. We are unable to provide electronic transcripts or verifications at this time; email is not a delivery option.

  6. We do not provide phone or verbal verifications; all documents are returned via fax or standard USPS.

  7. We do not accept credit cards at this time; cash, money order or check only, please.

  8. Last by not least: Only Harvard School of Dental Medicine transcripts may be requested or released. Transcripts and documents from other institutions are the property of HSDM and, as such, are under the control of the Registrar. Under federal policy, a student has the right to view the documents in his or her file; the School is not required to provide (or allow the making of) copies of these documents. Transcripts submitted to HSDM for admission become the property of HSDM and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to other institutions or individuals.