Adding, Dropping, & Changing Courses

The AGE Fall 2022 Core Course Catalog contains the schedule of HSDM core courses that students may add to their schedules. A full and current list of all HSDM courses is available on the my.harvard catalog.

HSDM's Fall Add/Drop/Change Deadline is: September 14th (for information about cross-registration deadlines, please visit the Cross-Registration page)


Petitioning to Add a Course

DMD Students:

  1. Complete the add/drop form and submit to Registrar Services.


AGE degree students :


Course Shopping

  1. Access the registration requirements worksheet for your program.
  2. Log into my.harvard Student, Teaching + Advising Portal.
  3. Select Course Search and use the search box to look for courses.  Click on the course you wish to view.
  4. For courses you plan to take, click on Add to Crimson Cart.  (If the "Add to Crimson Cart" button is disabled, your Crimson Cart is not yet open or you are ineligible to take the course.)
  5. If required, enter any course options and click Next.  The confirmation screen will verify that the course has been added to the Crimson Cart.
  6. Validate your cart to prevent scheduling conflicts and to verify that pre-requisites have been met.  After you are done with course selection, contact your Program Director so that they can review approve your Crimson Cart.


Course Enrollment

  1.  Once the HSDM enrollment period has begun and your Program Director has signed your Crimson Cart, navigate back to your Student Home page and review your course selections. 
  2. Validate your courses again to ensure there are no barriers to enrollment.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select or deselect specific courses for enrollment if needed.  Then click Enroll.  (If you have cross-registration courses in your cart, you will be unable to enroll in them until the Host School’s enrollment period has begun.) 
  4. On next screen, click Finish Enrolling.
  5. To see the courses for which you have registered, refer to the Enrolled Courses section of your Crimson Cart.


Dropping or Changing a Course


DMD Students:

  1. Complete the add/drop form with your drop/change and submit to Registrar Services. 


AGE degree students:

  1. Navigate to your Crimson Cart.
  2. Under the Enrolled Courses section, click the Drop button.
  3. Select the course you wish to drop and then Drop Selected Classes.
  4. To finalize the drop, hit Submit Petition.