Requesting Your Financial Aid Refund

If you have borrowed funds to help cover the costs of living above and beyond the direct expenses billed by HSDM, you will need to request these funds from Financial Aid. These funds will then be issued to you from HSDM in the form of a “refund” from your student billing account. Just as with your financial aid, the refund amount will be split between the fall and spring semesters. You can request the refund beginning one month prior to the start of the semester which the refund is intended to cover. For example, if you are requesting your refund for a fall semester which begins in July, you can request that refund in June. To request your refund, simply email the Director of Financial Aid. There are two ways to receive your refund:


  1. RECOMMENDED: You can have the funds deposited directly into your bank account. If you choose this option, you must enroll in the direct deposit program. You can enroll through the student term bill website at Once you have enrolled please email me to let me know you have chosen this method. The funds will be deposited within 3 business days of the request being processed.
  2.  You can receive a check in the mail. If you choose this option, please verify the address on your student account. Checks can only be sent to the address of record on your student account. The check will be mailed within 3 business days of the request being received.