Dr. Sang Lee, director of HSDM's Advanced Graduate Prosthodontics program

    Prosthodontics is a dental specialty recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) focused on the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of patients. Prosthodontists specialize in clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and oral and maxillofacial tissues, and often focus on the repair and restoration of missing teeth. Dental professionals specializing in prothsodontics receive extensive training in state-of-the-art techniques and procedures for treating complex dental conditions and restoring patients with optimum function and esthetics.

    Prosthodontists in the Harvard Dental Center include Harvard School of Dental Medicine faculty as well as Advanced Graduate Education students who will have three or four years of extended training and are qualified to perform a wide variety of complex procedures and treat many different types of cases.

    Treatments offered

    • Complex restorative care management (crown/bridge/veneers)
    • Dental implants
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Complete and removable partial dentures
    • Rehabilitation of occlusion
    • Special needs of geriatric patients
    • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome/disorder
    • Traumatic injuries
    • Maxillofacial prosthetic procedure