Additional Curricular Options

In addition to the four-year DMD curriculum, HSDM offers several optional curricula:

Five-Year DMD Program

Designed for individuals who wish to take time to explore individual areas of interest, the Five-Year DMD Program facilitates opportunities for DMD students to conduct in-depth research, pursue other educational degrees, or become involved in international oral health projects.

Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Program

The HST curriculum is oriented toward students with a declared interest in a biomedical research career or a strong interest and background in quantitative or molecular science. It is particularly appropriate for students who are planning interdisciplinary research careers in academic medicine or dentistry. The approach is quantitative and rigorous and emphasizes modern biology, biotechnology, engineering, and physical sciences. Applicants with strong backgrounds in math, physics, or the engineering sciences may be potential candidates for the HST/DMD program. Please contact the HSDM Office of Dental Education for additional information.

DMD/MBA Program

The DMD/MBA Program is designed to enable students to pursue both the DMD degree at the Dental School and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Harvard Business School, most often completing requirements for both degrees in five years. Application to and acceptance at both schools is required.