Interview Process

An in-person or virtual interview is required for admission and is granted by invitation only. Candidates who interview will be sent a supplemental application to complete in advance of their interview; this is not available on our website. Interviews are considered an essential part of the admissions process and provide the candidate with the opportunity to articulate their knowledge and experience, suitability for the program, and potential contribution to the field of dentistry. Interviews are intended to be conversational. Candidates will have the opportunity to interact with faculty, alumni, students and staff during their visit.

2022-2023 Interview Schedule

We will be offering both in-person and virtual interviews this cycle.
Interviews have been designed with the intention of eliminating any advantage of one format over the other.  Candidates who interview virtually will have an opportunity to visit campus once they are accepted.  We sincerely hope that interviewees will choose the interview format with which they are most comfortable. 

Interviews will include: 

  • Orientation with a faculty member and the Director of Admissions 
  • Two individual interviews with members of the Admissions Committee 
  • A current student panel 
  • A Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging session
  • A financial aid session presentation 

Candidates who interview will be presented to the Admissions Committee who vote individually on the admissibility of each candidate. Offers of admission will be made beginning December 15, 2022 and will continue on a rolling basis. Places in the entering class remain available until all invited candidates complete the interview process. The class selection is ordinarily completed in February. Candidates may be placed on a waiting list or denied based on the Committee review. The waiting list is not ranked; rather, candidates are re-reviewed before admission is offered.