Sang E. Park

Dr. Sang E. Park

Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences and Associate Dean for Dental Education

Sang Park, DDS, MMSc is associate dean for Dental Education at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. After completing a Certificate in Prosthodontics at HSDM in 2001, she joined the faculty in Restorative Dentistry and served as senior tutor for the Peabody Society. In 2009, as part of an exciting new direction in clinical dental education, she implemented the Case Completion Curriculum at HSDM, a curriculum that emphasizes learning focused on the treatment needs of patients, to achieve patient-based comprehensive care.

At HSDM, Dr. Park implemented the flipped classroom educational model, to focus on self-directed learning and to use instructional technology to spend class time in interactive classroom activities and team-based projects. She co-authored an article on this implementation in the Journal of Dental Education. The flipped classroom has since become an integral part of several predoctoral HSDM courses, across a range of topics.

As Chair of the HSDM Curriculum Redesign Task Force and the Curriculum Committee, she leads efforts to engage HSDM faculty in the curriculum review process. Dr. Park incorporates innovative educational pedagogies in the redesign of courses to reflect the school’s emphasis on oral health as a vital component of systemic health.

Fields of Interest

Dr. Park’s research interests include the effectiveness of educational assessment methods such as case presentations and OSCE; the use of online portfolios, learning modules, and examination in dental education; and the integration of primary care medicine into dental education and patient care. In collaboration with HMS faculty, Dr. Park introduced an Oral Health Session into the Patient/Doctor II and Practice of Medicine courses; and the Foundational Continuity Clinic and Leadership in Oral Health and Primary Care in the Student Teaching Practice at HSDM integrating oral health and primary care in dental education.

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