Laura W Gamer

Dr. Laura W Gamer

Instructor in Developmental Biology

Dr. Laura Gamer received her BA from Dartmouth College and her PhD in cell and developmental biology from Vanderbilt University. After completing her postdoctoral fellowship at the biotech company Genetics Institute, she became a staff scientist and teamed up with Dr. Vicki Rosen to study the biology of BMPs and their roles in the skeleton. She moved with Dr. Rosen to HSDM in 2001.

Fields of Interest

Dr. Gamer is currently focusing on understanding the roles of BMP family members in knee joint formation and joint diseases like osteoarthritis. In addition, she is interested in the basic biology of the meniscus and using this knowledge to isolate and characterize stem cells from the meniscus for tissue regeneration and repair.

Contact Information

p: 617/432-5911

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