Research Day Showcases Student’s Scholarly Work

April 9, 2018
Research Day

Student Research Day at HSDM is an annual event where graduating dental students present their scholarly work and learn about the investigative work of their peers. This year’s event, held on April 9, provided students with the opportunity to showcase their research in poster sessions and interact with faculty, staff, and peers. The day concluded with the Giddon Lecture in the afternoon featuring a presentation by Dean Bruce Donoff on "Immunity to Change vs. the Discomfort of Thought."

The following prizes were awarded for the best student posters:


Dr. Zahra Aldawood (DMSc Oral Biology)
Harnessing Prx1-expressing cells for regeneration of calvarial bone defects
Dr. Giuseppe Intini, Research Mentor


Research Day AbdulRahiman
Dr. Anitha AbdulRahiman (MMSc Endodontics) presents her research on adverse events in endodontics.
Dr. Anitha AbdulRahiman (MMSc Endodontics)
Adverse events in endodontics
Dr. Robert White, Research Mentor


Dr. Benjamin Canary (MMSc Orthodontics)
Heritability of the airway: Using twin study data to determine heritability estimates of airway dimensions
Dr. Mohamed Masoud, Research Mentor

Dr. Margaret Hostage (MMSc Orthodontics)
Assessing longitudinal accuracy of current cephalometric ANB angle norms in pre-pubertal, pubertal, and adult patients
Dr. Mohamed Masoud, Research Mentor



Seth Bradbury (DMD)
VEGF stimulates intramembranous bone formation during craniofacial skeletal development
Drs. Agnes Berendsen & Bjorn Olsen, Research Mentors

Yisi (Daisy) Ji (DMD)
Medical malpractice litigation associated with anesthesia in oral and maxillofacial surgery
Drs. Thomas Dodson & Bruce Donoff, Research Mentors

R. Frederick Lambert (DMD)
Factors that motivate otherwise healthy young adults living with HIV to access and utilize HIV services and dental services in Gugulethu, South Africa
Drs. Jessica Haberer & Catherine Orwell, Research Mentors

Stephanie Lee (DMD)
A vibration device to control injection discomfort
Dr. Jeffry Shaefer, Research Mentor

Research Day Lee
Stephanie Lee (DMD) discusses her research which examined a vibration device to control injection discomfort.

Carolynn Vuong (DMD)
Sealed primary molars are less likely to develop caries
Dr. Rosalyn Sulyanto, Research Mentor



Dr. Kathleen Marcelo (CERT CAM-GPR)
Patient perception of the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride for caries control on pediatric patients
Dr. Rosalyn Sulyanto, Research Mentor

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