Frequently Asked Questions

What extracurricular activities do you recommend?

Applicants should engage in activities of their interest. The comprehensive review of applications includes an examination of all of the activities in which students have engaged. Applicants are encouraged to pursue activities on a consistent basis. A long list of activities pursued on a very limited basis suggests a desire to impress the Committee rather than genuine interest.

What is the average GPA and DAT of students who are accepted?

The 2016 entering class had an average GPA of 3.85 and an average DAT of 23. Higher grades and test scores are not a guarantee of admission, and lower grades and test scores do not necessarily mean candidates will not be offered admission. HSDM considers the entire application when making admissions decisions.

May I speak with an admissions counselor at HSDM? May I receive feedback about my application?

As a small admissions office in a small school, we are not able to counsel applicants. Instead, we suggest that applicants talk with a pre-health or academic advisor at their college or university who will be able to provide specific guidance. Likewise, we are not able to provide feedback for candidates who applied to HSDM and were not offered admission. Students who are not accepted are welcome to reapply in the following cycle.

How do I pay the application fee? When should I send it?

We recommend that applicants submit the application fee and AADSAS application at the same time. Once an application has been received, HSDM Admissions will email instructions for submitting the payment online. Admissions matches submitted application fees with the appropriate application. Please be sure to include your full name and AADSAS ID on payments.

The nonrefundable application fee is $80, payable to Harvard School of Dental Medicine by check, money order, or online payment. Checks must be in US Funds. Make sure your...

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