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Oral health crosses many disciplines and professions. We have created profiles on our faculty, students and alumni to help you learn about them as professionals and to understand the impact they make in the world through their work. Listen to their stories, and follow the link to browse their full profiles.

Faculty Profiles


Dr. Brittany Seymour works to integrate oral health and general health. She plays a leading role in global health curriculum initiatives at HSDM & Harvard Global Health Institute.

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Dr. Brian Swann works to improve health in resource poor settings on the local and global levels. He serves as the Chief of Dental Medicine for the Cambridge Health Alliance.

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Student Profiles


Helen Yang worked with the Pan-American Health Organization to improve access to oral healthcare in Latin American countries through task-shifting.

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Yianni Ellenikiotis worked with Alli Kiru to develop sustainable, culturally sensitive, health-based interventions for indigenous communities in Ecuador.

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Opening quote Our curriculum prepares people for careers that do not yet exist. Closing quote
-Dr. Bruce Donoff, Dean, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Alumni Profile


Dr. Karimbux works to integrate the basic and clinical sciences in dental education and helps dental students to treat their patients using a patient-centered comprehensive care model.

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Opening quote It is by trying to solve important problems that significant science comes about. Closing quote
- Daniel Lemire