Benjamin Costa

Dr. Benjamin Costa

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Benjamin Costa

Dr. Costa graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 2015, worked one year in private practice in San Diego, CA and from 2016 to 2020 practiced at Harvard University Health Services Dental Clinic. He is thrilled to continue to serve this diverse and interesting community at the Harvard Dental Center-Cambridge. Dr. Costa is passionate about furthering the field of digital dentistry which provides more efficient, more affordable and higher quality of dentistry. He is also deeply committed to the promotion of the connection between oral and systemic health and encouraging his patients to achieve better dental health by way of improved nutrition and lifestyle. As your provider, Dr.Costa hopes to make you feel comfortable with and confident in your dental care. He takes tremendous care to be transparent about your dental health needs and the reasoning behind his treatment recommendations so that there can be warm and honest shared decision making that both patient and provider feel good about.  

On a personal note, Dr.Costa is a Boston native and an avid chef, runner, hiker and oil painter. He spends most of his time outside the clinic with his wife, daughter and golden retriever.  


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