2015-2016 HSDM Dean’s Scholars Announced

July 10, 2015

William Addison, Xuchen (Aimee) Duan, and Yi Fan, have been named the 2015-2016 HSDM Dean’s Scholars. The Dean’s Scholars Program provides postdocs with funding during the early stages of their academic career. This year’s Scholars will focus on the following areas of research:

William Addison

Dr. Addison is a postdoctoral fellow in the Baron Lab in the department of oral medicine, infection, and immunity. He is working on, “Transcriptional control of lineage commitment by ZFP521 and ZPF423.” Prior to joining HSDM in 2010, Addison received his PhD from McGill University, Canada under the guidance of Dr. M.D. McKee.

Xuchen (Aimee) Duan

Dr. Duan is a postdoctoral fellow in the Olsen Lab in the department of developmental biology. She is working on, “Mechanisms by which MSC-produced VEGF determines osteoblast/adipocyte fates at different time points after birth.” Prior to joining HSDM in 2012, Duan received her PhD in orthopedic surgery from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom under the guidance of Drs. Triffitt and Russell. Before matriculating into Oxford’s PhD program, she received her MS in pharmaceutical sciences from Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Yi Fan

Dr. Fan is a postdoctoral fellow in the Lanske Lab in the department of oral medicine, infection, and immunity. She is working on, “Role of PTH1R in the early mesenchyme using a conditional deletion mouse model.” Prior to joining the Lab in 2013, Fan received her DDS from the West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China. 

HSDM established the Dean’s Scholars program in 2001 to provide dedicated time for outstanding individuals to develop and refine the skills necessary for future success in academics and research. The program has funded 46 Dean’s Scholars from 2001 through 2015; 42 of these individuals have full-time careers in academia, and four in biotechnology. Current second year Scholars include: Mattia Bordoli (Whitman Lab); Valerie Salazar (Rosen Lab); and Detina Zalli (Baron Lab).

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