Meet the Board

The HSDM ASDA board is responsible for planning all ASDA-related events for the HSDM community. Events include social gatherings, HSDM field day, lunch-and-learn sessions, fundraisers, pre-dental events, and more. The board also attends conferences all over the country, meets with other schools’ ASDA chapters, and contributes to ASDA newsletters and publications. 

Kasey Ha

Kasey Ha, DMD21 | First Delegate

David Danesh, DMD20

David Danesh, DMD20ASDA Chapter Class of 2020 Representative
ASDA District 1 Professional Development Committee
Vice Chair

Richard Shen, DMD22

Richard Shen, DMD22 Second Delegate-Elect and Pre-dental Committee Chair

Daniel Shen

Daniel Shen, DMD21 | Fundraising Chair 

Emily Chen, DMD21

Emily Chen, DMD21 | Community Outreach Chair

Quang Do, DMD21

Quang Do, DMD21 Pre-dental Committee Chair

Jennifer Lee, DMD21

Jennifer Lee, DMD21 | Class Representative for the Class of 2021

Ashwini Parchure, DMD21

Ashwini Parchure, DMD21 | Pre-dental Committee Chair


Karen He, DMD21

Karen He, DMD 21 | Second Delegate

Mark Berenshteyn

Mark Berenshteyn, DMD22 |  First Delegate-elect & Political Advocacy Co-chair


Lilia Tabassian, DMD22

Lilia Tabassian, DMD22 | Secretary

Owen Cheng, DMD21

Owen Cheng, DMD 21 | Community Outreach Chair

Ruchika Agrawal, DMD22

Ruchika Agrawal, DMD22 | Community Outreach Chair

Michelle Chung, DMD21

Michelle Chung, DMD 21 | Social Media Chair

Nathaniel Tsiperfal, DMD22

Nathaniel Tsiperfal, DMD22 | Class Representative for the Class of 2022