IT Updates

HSDM Office 365 Email Migration

HSDM Faculty and Staff will be transitioning to Office 365 (O365) email platform on December 8, 2015.

Please do not log into your HMS email account on December 8, 20015 between 4am - 8am. 

After 8am, go to and log in with your primary email address and eCommons password.  If prompted, set your time zone, and you are now logged into your new O365 mail system via the Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface.  Congratulations, your mailbox migrated successfully!  Enjoy the new OWA interface OR start using your regular Desktop Email client such as Outlook, Mac Mail or Entourage. 

The new O365 mail system does not change how you access your desktop Outlook, Mac Mail or Entourage program.  When logging in from your Desktop Email Client for the first time, you may be prompted with a message "Exchange Administrator has made changes to your email settings", select Allow/Accept, and you may need to close the email program and then reopen. This will allow the new O365 server settings be applied to your email program automatically.  

  • How do I find out what my primary email address is?  
    • Log in at: Select Preferences then the Messaging tab.  Your primary email address is listed under "Email Options". 

  • Who do I call if I need help with my email issues after transitioning to the new O365 system?
    • HSDM IT Support and members from HMS IT will be available throughout the Main Building and REB on December 8th to assist anyone having any migration difficulties. Please stop them and ask for help or contact the HMS Service Desk at 617-432-2000 or email

  • I was forwarding my HSDM email to a different mailbox prior to the O365 migration but now it’s not working. What happened?
    • To comply with federal and state regulatory requirements, HSDM policy prohibits users from automatically forwarding their HSDM email to another mailbox.  As such, the email forwarding feature has been disabled within O365 to help users adhere to this policy.