Harvard School of Dental Medicine Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine

The Harvard School of Dental Medicine Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine convenes academics and leaders in the health care community to develop exciting and innovative ideas around the integration of oral health and primary care. Activities undertaken by the Initiative include research, policy statements, conferences and seminars. 


  • To foster discussion, guide as well as develop public policy, and advocate for integrating oral health and primary care, especially amongst corporate CEOs and public officials.
  • To provide interdisciplinary connections among Harvard faculty, students, industry leaders and other higher education institutes to shape recommendations on oral health and primary care integration with an eye toward effectiveness.
  • To collaborate with national, state, and local partners to identify and develop innovative strategies for improving oral and systemic health outcomes.
  • To provide scholarly review of all clinical and epidemiological data regarding oral health and systemic health.

The development of an Initiative supports the major strategic objectives and core academic mission of HSDM – the belief that oral health and primary care are intertwined. HSDM is one of the premier schools of dental medicine in the world. HSDM predoctoral students (DMD) study clinical medicine with Harvard Medical students and then pursue additional years of intensive, interdisciplinary clinical science education at HSDM and affiliated sites. Advanced graduate students, who work toward a doctor of medical sciences (DMSc) or master of medical sciences (MMSc) degree and/or a specialty certificate, also draw upon the richness of the educational facilities and research centers of the broader Harvard community and greater Boston area.

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