Health and Wellbeing

Health Services

Need to make a doctor’s appointment?  Want access to your health records? Visit Harvard University Health Services website and log-in to the Patient Portal.

Spiritual Resources

Harvard University Chaplains Office
Members of the Harvard community are encouraged to contact Harvard Chaplains who are available to meet and talk about spiritual concerns, and ethical and personal matters.  

Harvard Chaplains Emergency and non-emergency 24/7 on-call: 617-879-8365
Web site:
Office M-F: 617-495-5529

Meditation and Prayer Room located in Vanderbilt Hall
This room is open to all students, staff, and faculty.  It is located in room 166 near the Deanery Lounge (entry I).  It is used for prayer and meditation, as well as religious, spiritual, and philosophical studies and activities.  These religious and spiritual activities take priority over use of the room as an academic study space for individuals or groups.

Muslim Prayer Room located in Vanderbilt Hall
The Muslim Prayer Room is located in the basement at entry A. It is open to all students and is used for Muslim prayer, mainly Dhuhr and Maghrib prayers. It is also used to break fast during Ramadhan as well as for other religious and educational activities. Access to the Muslim Prayer Room may be arranged by contacting the Business Office at 617-432-1629.

Student Life

Beyond the classroom, we encourage our students to actively participate in organizations that support their extracurricular interests and future careers. Find a list of HSDM student clubs and organizations.

Fitness/Athletic Facilities and Resources

Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility
107 Avenue Louis Pasteur

Harvard Athletic Facilities
Cambridge, MA- accessible via the M2 shuttle

Bodyscapes Fitness

77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Other Fitness Facilities Located Near HSDM
Depending on your health insurance plan, you may be eligible for discounted membership rates at other private gyms in the Boston area.  Be sure to consult with your health insurance carrier to inquire about fitness reimbursement plans or discounts.