Facial Pain Rotation

Residents will work with Dr. Jeff Shaefer and the facial pain fellow in the MGH Facial Pain Clinic one afternoon a week for several weeks. The vast array of patients includes those with TMD, MPDS, OSA, atypical facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and burning mouth syndrome. Residents will work up patients and assist Dr. Shaefer and the facial pain fellow in the treatment of patients.


  • To learn the work up, diagnosis, and treatment of various facial pain entities, including the distinction between TMD vs. neuropathic pain, and the distinction between the TMD pathologies of MPDS vs. arthralgia
  • To learn the medical and psychological disorders that may complicate diagnosis or be a concomitant diagnosis
  • To learn how ancillary services may be helpful in treatment, such as physical therapy and mind-body medicine
  • To learn when to refer to or work with other specialties such as neurology, psychiatry, sleep medicine, and pain medicine
  • To gain exposure to the outcomes of treatment, possible complications of treatment and management of those complications.