CPE Today

Continuing Professional Education Today (CPE Today) is an initiative by Harvard School of Dental Medicine's Continuing Professional Education program, created in response to the changes in the field of dentistry that we are experiencing today due to COVID-19. These discussions with dental and other healthcare professionals will provide scholarly and practical conversations on how we can navigate the challenges we are facing as a dental community. They are offered free of charge without CE credits.

Building Trust between Dentists and Patients with Compassion

In this talk, Drs. Brittany Seymour, Lisa Thompson, and Isabelle Chase address concerns as dental professionals begin to reopen their practices when stay-at-home restrictions are lifted. Panelists discuss infection control procedure, how to best serve pediatric and geriatric populations, factors affecting patient decision-making for visiting the dentist, and managing the concerns of both the provider and the patient with compassion. This talk is moderated by Tiffany Sarkissian. Building Trust between Dentists and Patients with Compassion Transcript

COVID-19 Pandemic and Dental Professionals' Response as Offices Reopen

In this talk Dr. John Tannyhill and Dr. Emilio Argüello present on how hospital-based and multi-specialty practices are preparing to reopen when stay-at-home restrictions are lifted. They will demonstrate how they have been incorporating and adopting updated infection prevention procedures and guidelines issued by the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental, Society and local hospitals. The discussion session was moderated by Dr. David M. Kim and Dr. Yong-Han Koo. CPE Today: COVID-19 Pandemic and Dental Professionals' Response as Offices Reopen Transcript 


Endodontic Emergencies in a State of Emergency


Drs. Jarshen Lin and Brooke Blicher present an evidence-based approach to managing endodontic emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this presentation, our experts review up-to-date protocols including the incorporation of tele-health into endodontic diagnosis, modifications to definitive care, and recently updated guidelines for pain and antibiotic prescription. This discussion was moderated by Dr. Jennifer Gibbs. Endodontic Emergencies in a State of Emergency Transcript

Oral Medicine and Pathology During the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Show Must Go On

Oral medicine and pathology specialists provide care for patients with medically complex conditions that can cause significant morbidity and even increase mortality risk if left undiagnosed and untreated. This webinar explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on oral medicine care delivery and how the field is adapting and looking towards the future. We specifically address the feasibility and value of tele-dentistry and ponder if some aspects of it may remain part of routine care in the post-pandemic world. Oral Medicine and Pathology During the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Show Must Go On Transcript

Remote Orthodontic Care Beyond the Pandemic

Dr. Katie Klein moderates an interactive session with Dr. Mohamed Masoud and Dr. Negin Katebi, who have been providing remote orthodontic treatment throughout this pandemic. They are actively involved in research that will shape the future of orthodontics and will give us insight into maintaining patient compliance. Remote Orthodontic Care Beyond The Pandemic Transcript

Harvard School of Public Health The Forum & The World WGBH

The Coronavirus Pandemic: How Hospitals are Confronting the Virus Presented jointly by The Forum at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and The World from PRX & WGBH. Abstract: As U.S. COVID-19 cases continue to climb, how will an already strained hospital healthcare system respond? In this Facebook Live Q&A, Paul Biddinger, Director of the MGH Center for Disaster Medicine and Chief of the Division of Emergency Preparedness, described challenges ranging from surges of sick patients to obtaining crucial supplies. The World’s Elana Gordon moderated.