Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and HSDM that offers a tax-advantage income. In exchange for a contribution of cash, securities, or other property, you receive a secure income for life. You also receive a charitable income-tax deduction, avoid capital gains tax, receive favorable tax rates on the income, and save on gift and estate taxes.

“We had wanted an annuity as part of our estate planning. I love the School of Dental Medicine, and I know it needs generous support. This annuity gives us an income for the rest of our lives, and the School will benefit when we’re gone. It’s definitely a win-win situation, and we’re so happy we made this gift.”
—Douglas Dick, DMD ‘67, PD ‘72, who, together with his wife, Eltress Dick, established a significant charitable gift annuity for HSDM

Charitable Remainder Trust

By creating a charitable remainder trust, you make a significant gift to HSDM while receiving an income for life or for a term of years. You may choose to invest your trust with the Harvard endowment option—offering the potential to increase the value of your gift as well as the amount of your income.

For more information about charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts, please contact Wanda Mock, assistant dean for development and alumni relations, by phone at 617-432-5356 or via e-mail.