A charitable bequest is an easy way to make a gift to HSDM. By means of your will or other estate plans, you may name the Harvard School of Dental Medicine as the beneficiary of real estate, securities, cash, retirement plans, or other assets from your estate. Many of the most powerful gifts with an enduring impact have been bequests, including the School’s first bequest, received from Henry C. Warren in 1899. Donors who contribute a planned gift to HSDM automatically become members of the Henry C. Warren Society.

Types of bequests include cash, property, retirement plans, trusts, annuities and/or residuary bequests. Residuary bequests provide for HSDM to receive all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after the payment of any specific bequests and expenses.

Language for a bequest:
“I give ( _________ dollars or ____________ percent of the residue of my estate, or other) to the President and Fellows of Harvard College, a Massachusetts educational, charitable corporation for the benefit of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.”