Shigemi Nagai

Shigemi Ishikawa Nagai , PhD, DDS, MSD, Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences, Director of Predoctoral Prosthodontics

The Nagai Lab combines basic science with clinical and developmental research. Research is focused on color science, soft tissue esthetics in dental implants, and early caries detection, as well as a project involving osteoinductive peptides found by a new biopanning method.

Development of Early Caries Detection System

The Nagai lab has been dedicated to the development of an early caries detection system using near-infrared fluorescence. The goal of this study is to put an end to “Drill, Fill and Bill” dentistry and to enhance natural healing by remineralization. Our preliminary in vitro studies confirm that the sensitivity of this new system is as high as three times that of dental radiography. Also, the odds of underestimation errors (i.e. missing early caries) is reduced by 97% in comparison to dental radiography. The current stage of the development is clinical assessment of the feasibility of a prototype device.

Color Science in Dentistry

A dental spectrophotometer was developed in collaboration with the Olympus Corporation. This is the only dental spectrophotometer providing both numerical data and natural images.  Clinical research has been done at HSDM resulting in the publication of several papers.

The next step will be a multi center study employing this dental spectrophotometer aimed at developing a computer color matching system for dental ceramic restorations. 

Application of Novel Osteoinductive Peptides for Dental Implants

Novel peptides screened by a new biopaning system will be assessed for osteoinduction ability for a use with titanium dental implants.

Soft Tissue Esthetics at Implant Sites   

Colored neck dental implants have been developed with supported from the ITI Research Foundation between 2003-2008. These implants improve the grayish color shine through effects on gingival tissue in anterior dental implant sites.