HSDM Class Day 2013

Congratulations, 2013 Graduates!

Thursday, May 30, 2013, was indeed a day for celebration. HSDM graduated 37 Doctor of Dental Medicine students, and 36 Advanced Graduate Education program students received degrees and certificates. The new graduates heard words of celebration and challenge from their deans and from keynote speaker Harvey Fineberg during Class Day ceremonies. The remarks were leavened with reminders that the professional journeys the students began that day would be different from those of their predecessors, because medicine itself is changing rapidly.

In keeping with the key theme the day, Dean Bruce Donoff commented on the new graduates' unique preparation. “I will remember this class for its deep involvement in community-based projects that reflect the School’s new vision of removing the divide between oral and systemic health," Donoff noted. "You are the first class to have benefited from this explicit focus at HSDM, one that will carry the School forward to exciting areas and perhaps carry you to careers in dental medicine and oral health that have yet to be invented. And that is one of the important characteristics of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. We educated you in a way that does not simply repeat the lectures of the past but prepares you to understand and seek new knowledge in the continuously changing field as well as in the wider world.”

One constant remains in the midst of these rapid changes. “Put patients first,” declared Harvey Fineberg MD71, president of the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences. “If you put your patients first, everything else will fall into place.”