Continuing Education

2017 Apr 14

Continuing Education: A Comprehensive Approach to Esthetic Dentistry

Apr 14 (All day) to Apr 16 (All day)


Harvard Shanghai Center

Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Fudan University of Shanghai Stomatological Hospital will host a joint continuing education course featuring expert clinicians in prosthodontics, periodontics and implant dentistry. Faculty members from both schools will present clinical cases supplemented by comprehensive lectures and hands-on workshops. Download a brochure for more information, or contact Dr. David Kim.

2016 Sep 21

Continuing Education: Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry

Sep 21 (All day) to Sep 23 (All day)


Boston, MA

Digital dental implant technology is evolving rapidly. You can be on the cutting edge of these advances by attending an intensive three-day workshop presented by the Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterial Sciences at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. This innovative and forward-thinking continuing education course focuses on digital workflow in implant dentistry and features live patient surgeries and hands-on sessions.

2016 Oct 24

Continuing Education: Osteology Research Academy

Oct 24 (All day) to Oct 27 (All day)


Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Research methodology is of great significance for scientists. Nevertheless, many young researchers acquire their knowledge on research methodology and research management through trial and error. The Osteology Research Academy has emerged as a development from the Osteology Foundation in close cooperation with leading scientists.

2016 Jun 13

Continuing Education: Multidisciplinary Approach for Implant Patients

Jun 13 (All day) to Jun 15 (All day)


Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Course participants will hear presentations from periodontists, orthodontists, and prosthodontists. They will cover different strategies for delivering safe and predictable treatments for patients requiring collaborative work from specialists in dentistry. To learn more, contact: Dr. David Kim

2016 May 06

Continuing Education: A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy in Implant Dentistry–Overcoming Surgical Dilemmas

May 06 (All day) to May 08 (All day)


Harvard Center Shanghai, Shanghai, China

The treatment of partial and totally edentulous patients with dental implants has become a predictable and recommended treatment modality in contemporary dentistry. Both researchers and clinicians have made improvements on implant design, surface treatment, and surgical techniques to achieve consistent osseointegration at the bone-to-implant interface. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that innovative surgical and restorative technologies are needed to achieve the patient’s desired aesthetic outcome.

2016 May 02

Continuing Education: Essentials for the Modern Dental Leader

Tue - Thu, May 2 to May 4, 8:00am - 5:00pm


HSDM REB Auditorium

The Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s leadership series brings you our new CE course entitled “Essentials for the Modern Dental Leader,” taking place at the HSDM campus in Boston MA on May 2-4, 2016 for 18 CE credit hours. This course is hosted by the Department of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology.

2015 Oct 19

Continuing Education Course: A Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Implant Dentistry

Oct 19 (All day) to Oct 21 (All day)


Harvard Center Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Course Content: The educational program for this special course is directed toward contemporary clinical and scientific knowledge regarding osseointegrated implants. Our program will range from treatment planning with a focus on the clinical decision of whether to save the tooth or replace it with a dental implant, to placing and restoring the implant on the same day. It will focus on the decision tree that helps to decide which procedures are more predictable to resolve individual problems.