May I retake the DAT? Will my application be reviewed a second time?
We are only able to review each application once. Applicants denied admission may apply during the following admissions cycle. If you plan  on retaking the DAT, please notify the Office of Admissions by e-mail and let us know that you would like your application placed on hold until you retake the exam; please indicate the approximate date you will retake the test. We will send you a response e-mail letting you know that your file is on hold. If a hold has been placed on your file and you decide not to retake the DAT, it is your obligation to e-mail the Office of Admissions to let us to know that we should not wait for new  scores. Otherwise, your file may not be reviewed.

Should I complete certain courses before taking the DAT?
Yes.  The DAT contains sections on biology, general chemistry, and organic   chemistry that require a substantial knowledge base. Therefore, we recommend that you take those courses before the exam. Physics and calculus are not required for the DAT, although both are required for admission to HSDM’s DMD program.

How long does HSDM keep DAT scores?
HSDM  will retain your scores for two years. For the 2013–2014 application cycle, the Office of Admissions will accept DATs taken no earlier than the 2011-2012 academic year.

How many times may I retake the DAT?
HSDM recommends no more than three attempts. An applicant who does not achieve acceptable scores in three attempts should seriously consider his/her suitability for a career in dentistry.

May I take another exam instead of the DAT?
No.  The DAT is a required part of your application, and we will consider your application incomplete until we receive official DAT scores from the ADA. Please click here for information on the DAT.