Harvard and Boston-Area Research Core Facilities

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HSDM Core Facilities

MicroCT Core

HMS Core Facilities

BCMP SBGrid Computing Core and Software Consortium  
Bioinformatics Core (HBC) HSPH  
Biological Chemistry Mass Spectrometry  
Biopolymers/Next Gen Sequencing Facility  
BCMP SBGrid Computing Core and Software Consortium  
Confocal Microscope  
CyTOF Core Facility  
Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC)  
Enhanced Neuroimaging Core  
Flow Cytometry (Systems Bio)  
Flow Cytometry (Immunology)  
Genome Engineering Production Group  
Harvard Institute of Proteomics  
ICCB-Longwood Screening Facility (ICCB-Longwood)  
Image and Data Analysis (IDAC)  
Machine Shop  
Mouse Imaging  
Neurobiology Imaging Facility  
Nikon Imaging Center  
NMR Spectrometry  
Plasmid Repository  
Research Imaging Solutions  
RNAi Screening  
Small Molecule NMR Facility  
Taplin Mass Spectrometry  
Thermo Fisher Center for Multiplexed Proteomics (TCMP)  

Harvard Stem Cell Institute Core Facilities

HSCI Flow Cytometry Cores   
iPS Core Facility  
Therapeutic Screening Center  
HSCI Center for Stem Cell Bioinformatics  
Center for Human Cell Therapy Boston  

Harvard Neurodiscovery Center Cores

Advanced Tissue Resource  
Biostatistics Support  
Cell-based Assay Facility  
Clinical Trials Support  

New England Regional Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Biomolecule Production  
Confocal Microscope  
FACS Flow Cytormetry  
Live Cell Imaging  
Mass Spectrometry  
Microbiology and animal resources  
NIAID/NIH Research  
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR)  
National Small Molecule Screening and Medicinal Chemistry  
Genome-scale RNAi Screening  

Immune Disease Institute Core Facilities

Flow Cytometry  
Optical Microscopy  

Harvard Clinical Nutrition Research Center Cores

Cell Biology  
Mass Spectrometry  

Research IT Group

Computational Research  
Genomics & Computational Biology Resources  
Information Technology  
West Quad Computing Group  

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Core Facility Resources

(BCMP) Biopolymer facility  
Biomedical Research Informatics  
Berenson Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation  
Academic and Research Computing  
Gene Therapy Initiative  
Cardiac Physiology  
DNA Resource Core  
Flow Cytometry  
Electron Microscopy EM Core  
Mass Spectrometry (Proteomics / Metabolomics) Core  
Genomics Proteomics  
Molecular Medicine  
Pre-Clinical MRI Facility  
Preclinical Murine Pharmacogenetics Core  
REDCap eData Collection  
Translational Cancer Imaging Facility (TCIF)  
Confocal Microscopy  
Small Animal Imaging (SAIF)  
Transgenic Facility  
X-Ray Crystallography  
Zebrafish Core  

Harvard Partners Center for Personilized Genetic Medicine Cores

Biosample Service  
DNA Sequencing  

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cores

AIDS Research Virology  
Antibody Core  
Biospecimen Core  
Cardiovascular Physiology  
Cell Culture and Microscopy  
Cell Irradiator Facility - 617-732-5868  
Center for Clinical Investigation  
Clinical Trials Center  
Confocal Microscope Facility (Kedersha)  
Confocal Microscope Core (Mizuno)  
Chronobiology Core  
DNA Sequencing (under HPCGG)  
Flow Cytometry  
Gel Scanning Facility  
Sleep and EEG  
Tissue and Blood Repository  
Transgenic Core  
Tumor Imaging Metrics  

Children’s Hospital Boston Cores (MMRC)

Administrative Core  
Cell Sorter  
Cellular Imaging  
Moleculasr Genetics Core  
Neurodevelopmental Behavior  
Transgenic Core  

Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Cores

Cancer Pharmacology  
Cancer Proteomics  
Cell Manipulation  
Collaborative RNAi  
Community Practice  
Cytogenetics (Pathology)  
DNA Resource  
Flow Cytometry  
Health Communication  
High-Throughput Polymorphism  
Molecular Biology  
Monoclonal Antibody  
Pathology Specimen Locator  
Preclinical Murine Pharmacogenetics  
Recominant Protein Expression  
Research Pharmacy  
Rodent Histopathology  
Specialized Histopathology  
Tissue MicroArray (Pathology)  
Tumor Imaging Metrics  

Massachusetts General Hospital Cores

Cell Tissue and Organ Recource  
Clinical Genetic Research  
Clinical Research Program  
DNA Sequencing  
DNA Synthesis  
Flow Cytometry  
Flow Cytometry (Ragon Institute)  
Gene Targeting  
Microscopy (Brown)  
Microscopy (Ragon)  
Morphometry Analysis Center  
Musculoskeletal Imaging  
Neuroscience Microscope  
NextGen Sequencing Core  
PET Core  
Transgenic Mouse  
Tumor Imaging  
Vector Development and Production  
Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Core  

Forsyth Institute Core Facilities

Imaging Services  
Microbial Microarray  

National Screening Laboratory for the Regional Centers of Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Disease (NSRB)


Miscellaneous Harvard Links

Center for Crystallographic Studies  
Genome Modification  
Harvard CCB Mass Spectrometry  
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center  

FAS Systems Biology Core Facilities

Center for Brain science  
Flow Cytometry  
HPLC/Mass Spectrometry  
Nanoscale Systems Center  

Tufts University Cores

Adenoviral Vector  
Animal Behavior  
Antibody and Cell Culture  
Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy  
Clinical and Translational Research Center Cores (CTRC)  
Comparative Biology  
Computational Genomics  
DNA Sequencing  
DNA Synthesis  
CNR Imaging & Cell Analysis Core (includes the Tufts Imaging Facility, TIF)  
Flow Cytometry  
Imaging & Cell Analysis  
Laser Cytometry  
Mass Spectrometry  
NMR Center  
Peptide Synthesis  
Phoenix Lab (Formerly GRASP Intestinal Microbiology Core)  
Small Animal Imaging  
Tissue Engineering  
Transgenic Core  

Boston University Cores

Analytical Instrumentation  
Animal Research Resource Center (ARRC)  
Biomedical Imaging  
Biospecimen Archive Research Core  
BU Clinical and Translational Science Institute  
Cellular Imaging Core  
Confocal Facility  
Experimental Pathology Laboratory Service Core  
Flow Cytometry Core  
High Throughput Screening Core  
Illumina Sequencing Core Facility  
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Core Facility  
LinGA - Linux Genetic Analysis Core  
Microarray Resource Core Facility  
Molecular Genetics Core Facility  
Proteomics Core Facility  
Transgenic Center  
Biology Core (PICF)  
Biomedical Optics Laboratory  
Center for Chemical Methodology & Library Development  
Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology  
Chemical Instrumentation Center  
Electronic Design Facility (EDF)  
Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation  
High Performance Computing & Communications Facilities (Supercomputing)  
Photonics Center  
Scientific Instrument Facility (SIF)  

Joslin Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center Cores

Advanced Microscopy  
Advanced Genomics and Genetics  
Animal Physiology  
Flow Cytometry  
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells)  
Islet Isolation  
Media Core  

Specialized Assays

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