Arthur J. Garvey, PhD

Arthur J. Garvey, PhD

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Harvard School of Dental Medicine
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Arthur J. Garvey, PhD

Dr. Arthur J. Garvey was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. He attended the State College at Worcester, Mass., as an undergraduate, and received his PhD from Boston College in 1972 in educational psychology and statistics. He has been on the faculty of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine since 1980.

Dr. Garvey began his research career with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 1971, and was director of social epidemiology at the VA-sponsored Normative Aging Study (NAS) from 1980 to 1996. He worked for 25 years on the prospective follow-up of NAS participants and on the analysis of medical and dental data collected on the 2,280 NAS research participants. He has also been involved in the study of psychosocial and biomedical aspects of smoking for the past 36 years.

Dr. Garvey was principal investigator (PI) of a study of nicotine gum treatment efficacy funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) from 1991 to 1996, and PI for a study involving individualized nicotine-replacement treatment funded by NIDA from 2000 to 2005. He is currently PI of a study funded by NIDA of front-loaded counseling as a treatment for addicted smokers that is nearing completion. This study is investigating the efficacy of early, relapse-sensitive counseling vs. standard weekly counseling in improving smoking-cessation outcomes. He is also the PI of a new study funded by NIDA that is examining the effects on smoking abstinence of extending the counseling period for longer durations of time.

Dr. Garvey has published many research papers and made numerous scientific presentations worldwide. He has served on National Institutes of Health research advisory panels and regularly reviews research papers being considered for publication in scientific journals.

Fields of Interest

Dr. Garvey has made major contributions to efforts in the field of health promotion and disease prevention. His interests are in the development of new treatments to help addicted smokers quit smoking and maintain permanent smoking abstinence.