Advanced Graduate Education Program in Periodontology

This academic program trains individuals to become clinical scholars in the field of periodontology. All residents are required to complete an advanced degree (MMSc or DMSc) in conjunction with the periodontology certificate. Graduates of the program are prepared to pursue careers in academics, research, and clinical practice. The clinical component of the training is closely coupled with training in a related discipline, such as biomedical research or health care delivery and research. In the clinical component of the program, the student is expected to become proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of periodontal disease, including the management of advanced cases, which require interaction with other clinical disciplines.

Mission Statment

HSDM Division of Periodontology develops clinical scholars for careers in clinical practice, education and research through excellence in education, patient care and scholarship emphasizing the art and science of periodontology, implantology and regenerative medicine.

Master of Medical Sciences (MMSc)

The duration of this program is 33 months. This three-year program involves a combined MMSc and certificate in periodontology. The training for both components is continuous.

Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMSc)

The length of the program ranges from 45 to 57 months, depending upon student research. This four-year program involves a combined DMSc and certificate in periodontology. Most students in this program seek careers in academics following graduation.

Sample of DMSc resident’s four-year schedule

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Occupational Employment Statistics
Standard Occupational Classification: 29.1021.00

Regulations of the US Department of Education (DOE) require   institutions of higher education to disclose program cost, median loan   debt, on-time completion rate, and (as available) graduate job   placement   information about nondegree certificate programs that   prepare students   for “gainful employment,” as a condition of receiving   federal student   aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Act.  Pursuant to those   regulations, HSDM makes the following disclosures.


Costs for duration of program (based on 2011-12 actual costs)

Tuition and fees: $171,612
Books and supplies: $2,778
Room and board: $67,272 (total figure for three years, assuming on-time   completion of the program, based on amounts budgeted for room and board   by HSDM Office of Financial Aid)

Because fewer than 10 students have been enrolled in this program in   applicable years, DOE excuses HSDM from disclosing (and urges that   HSDM   should not disclose) median loan debt amounts and on-time   completion   rate information, in order to protect student privacy. See Gainful Employment FAQ.

Institutions must disclose job placement information only if they   collect such information about graduates for another reason (for   example, for accreditation purposes). HSDM does not collect job   placement information and so does not disclose it here.