Possible Course Options 2010-2011

Note: Not all courses are offered every academic year. Some courses require prerequisites and/or permission of the instructor to enroll.

Management and Leadership

A-010H    Financial Strategy and Leadership in High-Performing Nonprofits
A-018      Strategic Management
A-021      Leadership in Organizations
A-024      Politics, Policymaking, and Political Action in Education
A-027      Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofit Organizations
A-100      Introduction to Educational Policy
A-222      Higher Education and the Law
A-604      Partnering: Leadership Skills for a Networked World
A-605      Leading and Managing Organizations
A-608      Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning
A-709      The Economics of Colleges and Universities
A-710B    Mission and Money: Institutional Advancement in Higher Education
A-770      Reflecting on Leadership, Management, and Governance
A-809      Health and International Education
S-123      Tackling the Toughest Challenges for Modern American Higher Education

Human Development and Psychology

H-107      Introduction to Education Neuroscience
H-525      Immigration, Education and Identities in the United States
T-006       Adult Development

Learning, Instruction, and Assessment

A-164      Program Evaluation
H-175      Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet
S-061      Methods of Educational Measurement
T-234      Teaching and Learning by the Case Method
T-402      Group Learning
T-440      Teaching & Learning
T-523      Formative Evaluation
T-540      Cognition and the Art of Instruction
T-543      Applying Cognitive Science to Learning and Teaching
T-561      Emerging Educational Technologies

Research Methods

A-642      Theory for Research and Practice in Organizations
S-005      Introduction to Educational Research
S-012      Empirical Methods: Introduction to Statistics for Research
S-030      Intermediate Statistics: Applied Regression and Data Analysis
S-040      Intermediate Statistics:(new title pending)
S-052      Applied Data Analysis
S-290      Quantitative Methods for Improving Causal Inference in Educational Research
S-504      Introduction to Qualitative Research