Selection Factors

HSDM receives some 1,000 applications annually for the 35 places in each incoming DMD class. The selection of students for the DMD program is based on a detailed and comprehensive appraisal of the candidate and his/her potential for success in HSDM’s collaborative, problem-based learning environment. While factors such as academic achievement in high school and college, performance on the Dental Admission Test, and letters of evaluation are important, equally important are the personal qualities of motivation, adaptability in changing or challenging circumstances, integrity, respect, and a passion for patient care—the main reason for entering a health care profession. The Admissions Committee also considers the student’s familiarity with the dental profession, extracurricular interests and activities, leadership potential, and career goals. The committee reads and considers each completed application in its entirety to assess the qualifications of a candidate for the demands of the curriculum and suitability for the School’s unique learning environment.

HSDM does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, financial  resources, age, residence, or disability. Consistent with Harvard’s Affirmative Action Program, women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply to the School.