Application Process


HSDM uses the AADSAS application. The AADSAS application, DAT scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation will be submitted to AASDAS, which will verify this information and notify HSDM when it has been verified.For more information on AADSAS, please go to

2016 Admissions Cycle

Please be advised that application processing for 2016 will begin in August 2015. As your application is processed you will receive the following e-mail communications:

  • Acknowledgement of the receipt of your application
  • A one-time e-mail verifying items already received and items still outstanding
  • Notification when your application is complete and forwarded to the Admissions Committee for screening

Application Components

AADSAS application – For more information and to complete the application please click on the link below

Official transcripts (submitted to AADSAS) - Send official transcripts from all schools through which you have taken courses.

Letters of recommendation (submitted to AADSAS) - Three individual letters of recommendation or one committee letter are required. HSDM will accept up to four letters of recommendation, or one committee letter and one supplemental letter. Three letters should be from professors who can speak to your academic abilities (including coursework, lab work, or research) and at least two of these letters must be from professors in the sciences. An additional (fourth) letter may be submitted from a supervisor, dentist, or other professional relation. HSDM does not accept personal references.

Official DAT scores - US or Canadian- submit via AADSAS

$75 Nonrefundable Application Fee* - At the time you submit your application through AADSAS, you must also send a check or money order with your NAME and DENTPIN printed legibly on the face of the check.  We do not accept cash or credit cards. Checks must be in US Funds.

It should be made out to Harvard School of Dental Medicine and mailed to:

Harvard School of Dental Medicine
DMD Program
188 Longwood Avenue
Boston MA 02115

*Students who have received a fee waiver through AADSAS may apply for a fee waiver from HSDM by submitting a copy of the AADSAS fee waiver to the Admissions Office. Email to

The Admissions Committee reads all completed applications in their entirety. This process may take up to eight weeks, depending on the volume of applications to be screened. The greatest volume occurs in August, September, and October. HSDM has no minimum requirement for GPA or DAT scores; the Admissions Committee takes the entire application into consideration when deciding on the candidates to invite for an interview.


Applicants who are invited for an interview will be notified by phone, and we will work with the applicant to set up an interview date. Additional materials will be required of applicants who are invited to interview, including:

  • high school transcript (including SAT scores, if applicable)
  • HSDM Supplemental Questionnaire
  • 2x2 passport photo

This information will be requested of you ONLY if you receive an invitation to an interview at HSDM. For more information about the interview process, click here.

Applicants who are not invited to interview will be notified solely by mail. Notification will be sent to the preferred address the applicant has indicated on the AADSAS application.


For the 2015–2016 admissions cycle, applications must be submitted to AADSAS by December 1, 2015. All applications must be completed within the Admissions Office by January 1, 2016, in order to be considered for this admissions cycle. Applications incomplete as of January 1 will not be reviewed.


The HSDM Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications for the 2015–2016 cycle in August. Interviews will begin in September and will continue through February 2016 and possibly March.

On December 1, 2015, HSDM will begin to make offers of admission for the incoming class for fall 2016. After December 1, offers of admission will be made on a rolling-admissions basis.

Interviews will continue through December, January, February, and possibly March until all completed applications are screened and those selected for interview complete the interview process.


Students who are placed on the waitlist will be kept in consideration for the remainder of the interview season and may be called off the waitlist to join the incoming class at any time. HSDM will notify those students who are accepted off the waitlist as soon as any change has been made to their application status. Beyond the interview season, students may be called off the waitlist to join the incoming class if any students drop off the HSDM roster. This can happen any time from early spring to late summer, when the incoming class enrolls at HSDM.