Admissions FAQ: Canadian and International Applicants

Do you accept Canadian applicants?
Yes. All requirements are the same for Canadian applicants as for US applicants.

Do you accept the Canadian DAT?
Yes.  Official scores from the CDA are required for your application to be considered complete if you are using scores from the CDA.

I went to university in Canada. Do I need to take the SATs if I have not already done so?
The SATs are not required for students who attended college or university in Canada.

Do you accept international students?
Yes.  International students are eligible to apply to HSDM provided that they have completed all of the prerequisite courses in the United States or Canada and have spent at least one year at a US or Canadian university.  International applicants who have received bachelor’s degrees or higher in another country do not need to have a US degree in order to apply.

I already have a dental degree from another country. Can I apply to HSDM?
HSDM does not have an advanced standing program. Internationally trained dentists wishing to obtain a US dental degree may apply to our DMD program, but they must meet all prerequisite requirements, and, if   accepted to HSDM, must complete the full four-year program. All of our postdoctoral programs accept internationally trained dentists. Please see the Advanced Graduate Education Programs page for more information on applications to HSDM’s postdoctoral programs.

Do I have to take the DAT if I already have a dental degree?
All applicants to the DMD program must take the DAT. The School makes no exceptions.

Does HSDM accept students for externships/electives/study-abroad periods?
At   this time, the facilities at HSDM can only accommodate current HSDM   students, so we are not able to offer positions for elective,  externship, or exchange periods of study to students outside of the University.

Will HSDM grant me a visa?
Upon   acceptance to an HSDM program, an applicant who indicated on his/her application that s/he is neither a US citizen nor a permanent resident of the United States will receive materials related to obtaining an F-1 or J-1 visa. A completed data sheet along with proof of adequate   financial resources in the student’s name or that of his/her sponsor must be presented before HSDM will begin processing a visa application.  Funds must be in US dollars and the student’s (or sponsor’s) account must be in a US bank.

Please note that since 9/11/01, the process of obtaining a student visa has become more time-consuming. The most up-to-date information regarding any changes can be found on the Harvard International Office website.