Performance Management

For Staff

On July 15, 2014, we officially went “live” with ePerformance, the University-wide PeopleSoft system for recording and capturing annual Performance Management data, replacing the paper-based Performance Planning and Review (PPR) tool used by HSDM in previous years. You may access FY15 ePerformance documents through PeopleSoft. From the home page refer to the Performance Management sections in both the Self-Service and Manager Self-Service columns (managers can access Team Documents as wells as both the new Talent Summary and Manager Dashboard).

What’s the same?

  • The time frame for evaluating is still July 1 to June 30.
  • There are still three phases to performance management: Planning, Check-ins and Evaluation. Now it is just called Goal Setting, Coaching/Feedback and Assessment.

What’s different?

  • With ePerformance, the process is completed entirely online through PeopleSoft.
  • Instead of Attributes, which were used to measure important areas of an employee’s performance on the PPR, we now have Competencies.
  • In addition to the pre-defined Competencies, departments will have the ability to select an additional Competency specific to their department’s work if they chose.
  • HSDM also has a School-wide goal: Attendance and Reliability. No Competency existed that correlated closely to this important Attribute that we had used in the past. Given the nature of the work we do at HSDM, it was important to continue to evaluate employees on this area.
  • Ratings will now be based on a five-point scale in ePerformance rather than the four-point scale used on the PPR.

Getting started

There are a variety of tutorial resources available  to acquaint yourselves with the new ePerformance system.  Within Eureka, you will find “Quick Tours” videos, “Self-Study Guides”, and sample documents to get started.

HSDM will be using the Summary Form for FY15. The Summary Form is completed by the manager at the end of the performance cycle (Assessment).  It provides space for a specific narrative summary of goals completed (both results-based and professional development) and competencies demonstrated.

For an online tutorial, please select the link that applies to you below:


Summary Form – Employee

Summary Form – Manager

Ratings Summary 

Competency Dictionary

ePerformance Planning-Goal Setting Form - HSDM

ePerformance Self-Evaluation Form

For New Hires

The ePerformance Orientation and Review Summary, a simple tool for supporting managers and new employees in the onboarding process. Get acquainted with the new tool:

Orientation and Review Self-Study for Staff

Orientation and Review Self-Study for Managers

Sample Orientation and Review Form

For Faculty

Annual Conference Form - Senior Faculty

Annual Conference Form - Junior Faculty