OSHA/Infection-Control Task Force


The Harvard Dental Center (HDC) practices all phases of dentistry with the safety of its patients, students, faculty, and staff as its top priority, by complying with current guidelines for infection control and occupational safety and health.


  • Build the necessary sense of urgency at HDC.
  • Assemble the appropriate guiding team to drive any necessary changes in infection-control practices at HDC.
  • Refine HDC’s vision of proper infection-control practices.
  • Communicate HDC’s infection-control vision to all members of the community-staff, students, faculty, and patients-to motivate all members to accomplish the necessary changes.
  • Empower all members of the HDC community to act in ways that promote patient safety, especially in infection control.
    Identify, reward, and promote the first accomplishments toward this goal.
  • Continually reinforce appropriate infection-control behaviors.
  • Establish and maintain a culture of infection-control awareness at HDC among all new and continuing members.