Clinical Review and Patient Satisfaction As Part of Quality Improvement


Responsible for the oversight of the clinical work performed by the Harvard Dental Center (HDC) practitioners to ensure compliance and appropriateness of care, as well as improve treatment outcomes and reduce litigation and potential fraud.


  • Review critical incidences, including “remakes,” by performing root-cause analysis on every incident or avoided incident.
  • Perform focused and ongoing professional practice evaluations, relying on unprejudiced, evidence-based guidelines and norms.
  • Provide timely (21-28 days of record review) feedback and establish relevant educational requirements for the practitioners.
  • Conduct error management by adopting an overall “systems” approach to understanding how errors happen and quality can be improved, including promoting the use of the PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycle for the implementation of improvement efforts.
  • Review all patient clinical complaints and develop policies and procedures for timely operational faculty management of patient complaints in the clinics.