Performance Management

For Staff

On July 15, 2014, we officially went “live” with ePerformance, the University-wide PeopleSoft system for recording and capturing annual Performance Management data, replacing the paper-based Performance Planning and Review (PPR) tool used by HSDM in previous years. You may access FY15 ePerformance documents through PeopleSoft. From the home page refer to the Performance Management sections in both the Self-Service and Manager Self-Service columns (managers can access Team Documents as wells as both the new Talent Summary and Manager Dashboard).

What’s the same?

  • The time frame for evaluating is still July 1 to June 30.
  • There are still three phases to performance management: Planning, Check-ins and Evaluation. Now it is just called Goal Setting, Coaching/Feedback and Assessment.

What’s different?

  • With ePerformance, the process is completed entirely online through PeopleSoft.
  • Instead of Attributes, which were used to measure important areas of an employee’s performance on the PPR, we now have Competencies.
  • In addition to the pre-defined Competencies, departments will have the ability to select an additional Competency specific to their department’s work if they chose.
  • HSDM also has a School-wide goal: Attendance and Reliability. No Competency existed that correlated closely to this important Attribute that we had used in the past. Given the nature of the work we do at HSDM, it was important to continue to evaluate employees on this area.
  • Ratings will now be based on a five-point scale in ePerformance rather than the four-point scale used on the PPR.

Getting started

There are a variety of tutorial resources available  to acquaint yourselves with the new ePerformance system.  Within Eureka, you will find “Quick Tours” videos, “Self-Study Guides”, and sample documents to get started.

HSDM will be using the Summary Form for FY15. The Summary Form is completed by the manager at the end of the performance cycle (Assessment).  It provides space for a specific narrative summary of goals completed (both results-based and professional development) and competencies demonstrated.

For an online tutorial, please select the link that applies to you below:


Summary Form – Employee

Summary Form – Manager

Ratings Summary 

Competency Dictionary

ePerformance Planning-Goal Setting Form - HSDM

ePerformance Self-Evaluation Form

For New Hires

The ePerformance Orientation and Review Summary, a simple tool for supporting managers and new employees in the onboarding process. Get acquainted with the new tool:

Orientation and Review Self-Study for Staff

Orientation and Review Self-Study for Managers

Sample Orientation and Review Form

For Faculty

Annual Conference Form - Senior Faculty

Annual Conference Form - Junior Faculty

Safety and Security

Harvard University Police Department Clery Act Report

The Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) is committed to assisting all members of the Harvard community in providing for their own safety and security. Harvard’s annual security report, prepared in compliance with The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the “Clery Act”), is entitled Playing It Safe and can be found on the HUPD’s websitePlaying It Safe includes information about the HUPD, how to report a crime, HUPD’s crime-prevention programs, substance abuse, sensitive crimes, emergency notifications, and other important information about security and HUPD services on campus. It also contains three years of statistics on reported campus or campus-related crimes. A hard copy of Playing It Safe may be obtained by contacting the Harvard University Police Department at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, 6th floor, Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-495-9225.

Playing It Safe includes information about the HUPD, how to report a crime, HUPD’s crime-prevention programs, substance abuse, sensitive crimes, emergency notifications, and other important information about security and HUPD services on campus. It also contains three years of statistics on reported campus or campus-related crimes. A hard copy of Playing It Safe may be obtained by contacting the Harvard University Police Department at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, 6th floor, Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-495-9225.

Security and Privacy Information

Harvard University is committed to protecting information resources that are critical to its academic and research mission. Every Harvard employee is responsible for the proper handling and protection of confidential information. Please review Harvard University’s policies concerning sensitive information.

For specific information regarding HSDM’s privacy and security policies in relation to patient information, please visit HSDM’s Training and Development page.

Harvard University and Longwood Campus Policies and Procedures

Enterprise Security Policy 
Affirmative Action Policy
Discrimination Policy (PDF)
Sexual Harassment Policy 
Longwood Campus (HMS/HSDM/HSPH) Smoke-Free Policy
Harvard Smoke-Free Policy (PDF)
Drug-Free Workplace Statement (PDF)
Environmental Health & Safety

HR Forms

Please note: You may access additional University forms by logging in to HARVie using your PIN.

Accident Report Form

Any work-related incident causing injury must be reported immediately. This form is to be completed by the employee’s supervisor in the event of a work-related injury and submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Please note: This form must be printed on yellow paper.
Accident Report Form (PDF)

Payroll Forms

Harvard employees may complete transactions such as change of address, direct deposit, and tax withholdings in the Self-Service section of PeopleSoft using their personal login information.

Please complete one of these forms only if you are looking to claim different withholdings or have additional monies withheld between federal and state. If withholdings are the same for both federal and state, please make your changes via PeopleSoft’s Self-Service section.

Federal W-4 (PDF)

State M-4 (PDF)

To order a copy of your W-2 form, please complete the electronic form, or contact central payroll directly at 617-496-4001 for additional assistance.

Time Sheets

Overtime-Eligible Time Sheet
Overtime-eligible staff and temporary employees may utilize this time sheet if they miss a PeopleSoft reporting deadline. This form may also be utilized to make an adjustment to time reported for an earlier week. Time must be reported in quarterly increments.
OTE Time Sheet (PDF)

Exempt Time Sheet
Exempt staff may utilize this time sheet to report vacation, sick, and personal time. Time must be reported in half-day increments.
Exempt Time Sheet (PDF)

Training and Development

HIPAA/OSHA Requirements

HSDM requires annual mandatory training for health and safety compliance for our entire workforce — for all staff, students, and faculty.

As a training school and health care facility, it is important that we all understand our obligation to our patient population and basic infection control and occupational safety and health standards.  The following courses will be accessible online, allowing each person to learn at his/her own speed:

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Training

  • HIPAA Overview
  • Information Security

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Training

  • OSHA: Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • OSHA: Hazardous Waste Training
  • OSHA: Emergency Protocols


These modules are located at Click this link to be connnected to instructions for completing.

Of special note — OSHA training is required for all researchers, Harvard Dental Center (HDC) staff, faculty, and students, but is not required for administrative staff who have no interaction with our clinical facilities. If you are a Harvard Dental Center (HDC) clinical provider, you must take both OSHA and HIPAA training on an annual basis in order to maintain your HDC clinical privileges.


Harvard offers a competitive and unbeatable package of benefits and perks, which become active on your first day of employment. Please visit the Benefits section of the Employment@Harvard website for a detailed description of all of Harvard’s benefits.

Benefits Summary


Harvard provides a broad, flexible package of benefits to protect your health and financial security and that of your family, including a choice of medical and dental plans, short-term disability coverage, and reasonably priced life and long-term disability insurance. The University offers the following medical and dental plans: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Harvard University Group Health Program (HUGHP) and Delta Dental. Harvard also offers a retirement plan with employee eligibility, which provides income for retired employees.

Paid Time Off

Harvard offers a generous amount of paid time off, including three to four weeks of vacation and 12 sick days per year, which begin accruing on the first day of employment; 11 ½ paid holidays; and three nonaccruable personal days per calendar year, prorated based on date of hire.

Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP)

Harvard’s TAP program is a great way to enhance your career development or pursue a personal academic interest. Using TAP, you are eligible to receive reimbursement for undergraduate and graduate courses taken at both Harvard Extension School and other educational facilities for a substantially reduced fee in any subject that interests you after the completion of six months of employment. TAP is available to administrative professional, support and teaching staff.

Access to Harvard’s Resources

Access to Harvard’s wide range of facilities both in Cambridge and the Longwood Medical Area (LMA) including athletic facilities and recreational programs, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, world-renowned art and anthropology museums, libraries, and more.

Health and Wellness Programs

Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine staff and faculty are offered a variety of health and wellness programs for a discounted rate through Fitcorp, which are designed to meet individual interests and goals including weight loss, stress management, cardiovascular endurance, sports-specific conditioning, and improving overall health.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Harvard University offers an employee assistance program at no additional cost to the employee.  EAP provides the employee with 24/7 service for confidential help with personal, family, and work-related issues or concerns.

Outings & Innings

Outings & Innings is a one-stop convenient source for great savings and terrific perks provided exclusively to Harvard University employees and retirees. All you need is a valid Harvard ID and PIN. O&I provides access to tickets at a discount of up to 40% for movies, museums, performing arts, sports seasonal recreation, and a range of goods and services, as well as access to hard-to-procure tickets, such as Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics. For updated information and last-minute deals, subscribe to O&I’s weekly e-list at (lower left column). “All Tickets On Sale” lists all booked events and on-sale dates. “Performing Arts” lists more than 50 performing arts organizations that offer discounts with Harvard University ID. Great deals can be founding “Odds & Ends” and “Travel & Lodging.”

Work/Life Benefits and Services

We offer programs and referrals in support of work and family needs, including flexible schedules; Cambridge-based day care centers; financial assistance for day care, elder care, and adoption; and much more.

Center for Workplace Development (CWD)

Located in Cambridge, the Center for Workplace Development strives to create learning opportunities to improve career development and organizational performance. The programs offered include professional and career development courses, hands-on computer courses in all levels of word processing, spreadsheets, database management and design, desktop publishing, and web page development, and instructor-led and online administration-system classes for users of Harvard University’s financial, human resources, and reporting systems. Harvard employees may log into their PeopleSoft accounts to access and register for available courses. For additional questions and registration, you may e-mail the CWD office.

Harvard University Employee Credit Union (HUECU)

HUECU offers checking, term share certificates, and IRAs, as well as mortgage, home equity, automobile, and personal loans at competitive rates.

Longwood Medical Area Branch
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Tax Deferred Annuity and Investment Program

Harvard offers a flexible pretax investment plan with tax-deferred earnings and access to top mutual funds from Fidelity Investments, TIAA-CREF, and the Vanguard Group.

Other Special Discounts and Services

Discounts on public transportation and commuter services, including a 50% discount on T passes.

Parking is available on a limited basis in both the Longwood and Cambridge area

The Harvard Housing Office maintains current information on housing owned by the University and other landlords in the Cambridge/Boston area. It provides listings of apartments and houses for rent and for sale, roommate files, and work/housing exchange opportunities.

OSHA/Infection-Control Task Force


The Harvard Dental Center (HDC) practices all phases of dentistry with the safety of its patients, students, faculty, and staff as its top priority, by complying with current guidelines for infection control and occupational safety and health.


  • Build the necessary sense of urgency at HDC.
  • Assemble the appropriate guiding team to drive any necessary changes in infection-control practices at HDC.
  • Refine HDC’s vision of proper infection-control practices.
  • Communicate HDC’s infection-control vision to all members of the community-staff, students, faculty, and patients-to motivate all members to accomplish the necessary changes.
  • Empower all members of the HDC community to act in ways that promote patient safety, especially in infection control.
    Identify, reward, and promote the first accomplishments toward this goal.
  • Continually reinforce appropriate infection-control behaviors.
  • Establish and maintain a culture of infection-control awareness at HDC among all new and continuing members.


Formulary and Materials Management Committee


Responsible for the implementation and management of a comprehensive materials program for the Harvard Dental Center (HDC) Faculty Group Practice and Teaching Practice that assures regular review of compliance and new products for inclusion.


  • Ensure compliance with our comprehensive materials program by all providers.
  • Develop and implement a dental material evaluation process, assuring review of new products on the market and elimination of obsolete products from the clinics.
  • Regularly review and recommend prosthetic laboratories for inclusion or exclusion.



Clinical Operations Committee


Responsible for recommendations on the day-to-day clinical operations of the Harvard Dental Center (HDC) Faculty Group Practice and Teaching Practice.


  • Provide advice on the financial management of the HDC, including monitoring of revenue and expenses, distribution of financial information to faculty and staff, and development and implementation of measures to assist in achieving budget.
  • Provide advice on the operational management of the HDC, including staff reviews and utilization, patient flow, and supply management.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor chair-utilization policies and procedures.
  • Weigh in on overall patient-satisfaction measures, management of nonclinical patient complaints, and the development and implementation of relevant action plans.
  • Work closely with the ODE to facilitate learning of best clinical practices by our students in a safe and efficient environment.
  • Work closely with the EH&S Committee to assure full implementation of all regulatory requirements in the clinics.

Credentialing and Privileging Committee


Responsible for the timely credentialing and privileging of all part-time and full-time dentists of the Harvard Dental Center (HDC) Faculty Group Practice and Teaching Practice according to current applicable Massachusetts and federal regulations.


  • Review and recommend for approval/rejection those HDC dentists   who are due for renewal of their credentialing documents.
  • Create policies and procedures regarding credentialing and decredentialing of HDC faculty.
  • Review and recommend privileges for all HDC dentists at time of initial credentialing and make recommendations for inclusion/exclusion of certain privileges upon requests from the individual provider, relevant department head, Office of Dental Education, or Office of Clinical Affairs.


Clinical Review and Patient Satisfaction As Part of Quality Improvement


Responsible for the oversight of the clinical work performed by the Harvard Dental Center (HDC) practitioners to ensure compliance and appropriateness of care, as well as improve treatment outcomes and reduce litigation and potential fraud.


  • Review critical incidences, including “remakes,” by performing root-cause analysis on every incident or avoided incident.
  • Perform focused and ongoing professional practice evaluations, relying on unprejudiced, evidence-based guidelines and norms.
  • Provide timely (21-28 days of record review) feedback and establish relevant educational requirements for the practitioners.
  • Conduct error management by adopting an overall “systems” approach to understanding how errors happen and quality can be improved, including promoting the use of the PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycle for the implementation of improvement efforts.
  • Review all patient clinical complaints and develop policies and procedures for timely operational faculty management of patient complaints in the clinics.


Quality-Improvement Advisory Committee


Responsible for the oversight of all continuous quality-improvement efforts for the Harvard Dental Center (HDC) Faculty Group Practice and the HDC Teaching Practice to assure the highest quality of care for HDC patients and quality of work environment for our staff.


  • Foster an overall culture of continuous quality improvement.
  • Create and enforce policies and procedures reflecting appropriate quality-assurance standards, as indicated by the American Dental Association, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and government regulations.
  • Assure continuous review of clinical care provided by the HDC faculty, students, and hygienists and as such provide opportunities for immediate targeted continuous dental education.
  • Ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place regarding infection control, OSHA mandates, and other health and safety issues.
  • Develop, implement, and review on a regular basis the HDC practice guidelines and standards of care.
  • Oversee risk management, including the development of a patient bill of rights as well as policies and procedures regarding visitors and guests, prescription drugs, collection, dismissing a patient from the practice, dealing with incapacitated providers, and handling patient complaints and grievances.
  • Oversee chair utilization, including the development of relevant policies.