Application Process


Application to the Harvard School of Dental Medicine is made available through the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) AADSAS application service. Visit for information.


The deadline for the submission of the AADSAS application, letters of recommendation, DAT and HSDM application fee is December 15 in order to be considered for the 2016-2017 admissions cycle.  Applications incomplete as of January 1, 2017 will be denied as incomplete at the time of the deadline.

Application Components

AADSAS application

Official transcripts (submitted to AADSAS) - Submit official transcript from all schools attended.

Letters of recommendation (submitted via AADSAS) Three individual letters of recommendation or one letter from a Pre-Health Committee are required. Three individual letters should be from faculty members who can speak to your academic abilities and potential for success in the program and field. At least two of these letters must be from professors in the sciences. HSDM does not accept personal references.

Official DAT scores - US or Canadian- submit via AADSAS

HSDM Application Fee* ($75 in US funds, check or money order only)  A non-refundable application fee must be submitted no later than December 15 to be considered for admission. Include the Applicant Name and Dentpin on the payment. Cash or credit cards are not accepted. Submit to:

Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Admissions: DMD Program
188 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

*Applicants who receive an AADSAS fee waiver are eligible for a waiver of the HSDM application fee. Email a copy of the AADSAS fee waiver to the Admissions Office at

The Admissions Committee reads all completed applications in their entirety. This process may take up to eight weeks, depending on the volume of applications to be screened. The greatest volume occurs in August, September, and October. HSDM has no minimum requirement for GPA or DAT scores; the Admissions Committee takes the entire application into consideration when deciding on the candidates to invite for an interview.



Application processing begins in August of each year. Applicants whose AADSAS application has been released to HSDM will receive the following communications via email:

  • Acknowledgement of the receipt of your application
  • A one-time email detailing outstanding application materials
  • Notification when your application is complete and forwarded to the Admissions Committee for screening.


HSDM has no minimum requirement for GPA or DAT, rather, all completed applications are read in their entirety to assess all aspects of a candidate’s academic and personal experience.

Applications are screened on a rolling basis by date of completion beginning in August until all completed applications are read by the Committee. Candidates denied in the screening process will be notified beginning November 15.


Candidates invited for interview will be notified by phone to select a date convenient for the applicant based on available HSDM interview dates. Interviews are ordinarily held on Thursday and Friday beginning in late September and continue until all invited applicants complete the interview process (generally the end of February). Invited candidates will be asked to submit the following in advance of the interview day.

  • HSDM Supplemental Questionnaire
  • High School Transcript (to verify any AP credit not explained on the college transcript).
  • 2x2 passport photo

For additional information about the interview process, click here.

Offers of Admission

By agreement among ADEA AADSAS schools offers of admission begin December 1.  After December 1, offers are made on a rolling basis. Places in the entering class remain available until all invited candidates complete the interview process. The class selection is ordinarily completed in March.


Candidates placed on the Waiting List remain under consideration for admission for the remainder of the admissions season. The Waiting list is not ranked; rather candidates are reviewed again before admission is offered. Notification of admission from the Waiting List may occur at any time from March to July.  

Candidates who are denied based on the Committee Review will be notified beginning December 1. Candidates interviewed and denied after December will be notified on a rolling basis following the Committee Review.